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shopping carts with stainless steel wheels

Durable stainless steel castors

Looking for castors that can withstand harsh environments? Our stainless steel range is suitable for a range of applications. Visit Castormart in Belfast to purchase today.

Off the shelf and custom-made options available

Our stainless steel castors guarantee reliable performance year after year, and are ideal for use in harsh environments. They are ideally suited to applications where exposure to corrosive chemicals, caustic chemicals, moisture or cleaning chemicals are used. Our 'off the shelf' range is sourced from leading manufacturers in Germany, Europe, the USA and China - or we can custom build castors to meet your precise needs.

Typical applications include:

Food processing




Stainless Steel

Please contact the office on 028 9032 3263

Aerial view of Belfast with Running Delivery postman

Visit us at 102 University Avenue, Belfast to purchase stainless steel castors in person. We’re also available via phone or email.

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