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Northern Ireland’s leading castor suppliers, based in Belfast

Investing in high grade castors gives you the assurance that you can move your heavy goods safely and with ease. Castormart Ltd stocks a vast range of castors and wheels for all applications.

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N. Ireland's castor specialists

60+ years’ experience

Wide range in stock

Getting Northern Ireland moving, not shaking

Castormart is Northern Ireland's leading supplier of castors, wheels and skates, with over 60 years' industry expertise under one roof. Our range of products is sourced from the world's leading manufacturers, including Germany and the USA, with in-house manufacturing facilities available for any special castors or accessories you may require. We are continually expanding our product range, which also includes quality gate components. 


We ensure you get the RIGHT products for your needs at competitive prices - and our experienced team is on hand to offer you the best advice and support, whatever your application. Visit us in Belfast or give us a call for expert advice today. 

Castors & Wheels

Our wheel and castor range includes:

Castormart trolley wheel Top Plate mount

Multi-purpose castors

commercial wheels

Commercial range

stainless steel

Stainless steel

Yellow skates


castor wheels


wheel accessory part


Range products pods


Please contact the office on 028 9032 3263 to order

We’re the go-to castor suppliers in Northern Ireland

Based in Belfast

  • I have a rough floor. What is the best wheel under these circumstances?
    Rough floors can be compensated for in two ways. Firstly, larger wheels will more easily travel over rough or uneven floors. Secondly, resilient tyre materials such as polyurethane or mould-on rubber will absorb shocks and flex with the flooring.
  • How do I determine the load requirement of a castor?
    Take the weight of the load to be carried and add the weight of the cart together. Take that measurement and depending on the configuration of the load divide it by the number of castors. So, on a rectangular load with four wheels, divide the weight by four. That will give you the minimum rated load capacity for each castor.
  • I have an application for a castor and none of your standard products seem suitable. Can you still help me?
    Castormart has built a solid reputation for designing specialist castors for any application. We are experts in application engineering and have over 60 years of trade experience to back us up. So please contact us to discuss exactly what you require.
  • I require castors for a hazardous pharmaceutical lab, where the spread of bacteria and microbes cannot be tolerated. Do you have anything suitable?
    We can supply stainless steel and microbial resistant castors. In fact, we have supplied to the institutional and pharmaceutical sector for many years.

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Visit Belfast’s specialist castor suppliers at 102 University Avenue, Belfast or contact us via phone or email.

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